30 Gifts That Readers Will Actually Love

30 Gifts That Readers Will Actually Love Feature Image

The holiday season is approaching and so is the time for giving… gift giving, that is! And you may be wondering, “what the hell am I supposed to buy the readers in my life?”

Readers can be an elusive bunch, especially when you’re looking for a Christmas gift that isn’t a book. If you’re looking to buy your special someone a special something this year, you’ve come to the right place.

No generic bookish gifts here! Keep reading to find a selection of 30 gifts that readers will actually love receiving this holiday season.

Gifts Under $10

Mr Darcy Sticker ShopMckMack

Mr. Darcy Sticker

Find it at ShopMckMack on Etsy.

Bisexual Pride Bookmark EclectiqueCreative

Pride Bookshelf Bookmarks

Find it at EclectiqueCreative on Etsy.

Colour Tabs NoemiesBookishhShop

Colour Coded Annotating Kits

Find it at NoemiesBookishhShop on Etsy.

Book-Inspired Bookmarks BookBubbledShop

Book-Inspired Bookmarks

Find it at BookBubbledShop on Etsy.

Thumb Page Holder DerekMcCrone

Wood Reading Assistant

Find it at DerekMcCrone on Etsy.

1989 Taylor Swift Bookmark MagicAndMeaning

Taylor Swift 1989 Bookmark

Find it at MagicAndMeaning on Etsy.

Digital Reading Journal LiveLovePlanners

Digital Reading Journal

Find it at LiveLovePlanners on Etsy.

Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge ThePaperCuttingNerd

Rory's Reading Challenge

Find it at thepapercuttingnerd on Etsy.

Christmas Library Circulation Card Ornament CreatedByKrystina

Christmas Books Library Ornament

Find it at CreatedByKrystina on Etsy.

Book Sticker Pack RegisteredPoet

Reading Sticker Set

Find it at RegisteredPoet on Etsy.

Gifts Under $50

Pride and Prejudice Hand Flex Artwork

The Hand Flex

Find it at ALemonLeafArt on Etsy.

Book Club Reading Journal

Reading Journal - "Book Club"

Find it at TheLamare on Etsy.

Fabric Book Cover

Adjustable Fabric Book Cover

Find it at AphroditeBookclub on Etsy.

Floral Book Sleeve

Floral Book Sleeve with Pocket

Find it at ANEGAMIstore on Etsy.

It's A Good Day To Read A Book Tote Bag

It's A Good Day To Read A Book Tote

Find it at CustomRandomGifts on Etsy.

Old Bookshop Candle

Old Bookshop Candle

Find it at CosyArtLondon on Etsy.

Books Apple Watch Band

Books Silicone Watch Band

Find it at TiffaniLinkDesigns on Etsy.

Personalized Library Stamp

Custom Library Stamp

Find it at StampByMeStudio on Etsy.

Gay Panic Heartstopper Enamel Pin

Gay Panic Heartstopper Enamel Pin

Find it at LitPinsandCo on Etsy.

Floral Custom Book Embosser

Floral Book Embosser Stamp

Find it at ForestFoxPress on Etsy.

Gifts Under $100

Pride and Prejudice Book Bag

Pride and Prejudice Book Bag

Find it at WellReadCompany on Etsy.

Customized Book Stack Art Print

Floral Book Framed Wood Sign

Find it at kinddesignsbyrobin on Etsy.

Anti Social Readers Club Sweater

Anti Social Readers Club

Find it at Heybestiebtq on Etsy.

Customized Book Stack Art Print

Personalized Book Spine Digital Art

Find it at CarmenDrawsTonight on Etsy.

Wax Melt Advent Calendar

Bookish Wax Melt Advent Calendars

Find it at webofwonder on Etsy.

Gifts Under $200

Book Line Art Set of 3

Set of 3 Bookish Metal One Line Art

Find it at MetalWallArtK2T on Etsy.

Converse Embroidered Heartstopper

Heartstopper Embroidered Converse

Find it at ChameleonEmbroidery on Etsy.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle (2022)

Find it at Amazon.

Juniper Books ACOTAR Dust Jackets

Juniper Books Dust Jackets

Find it at Juniper Books.

Ember Smart Mug

Ember 2 Smart Temperature Mug

Find it at Best Buy.

Which gifts will you be adding to your list to buy your loved ones? Let me know in the comments!

Feature Image: Mel Poole on Unsplash


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