35 Instagram Captions From Harry Styles’ “Fine Line” Album


So, you’ve just spent ages creating the perfect Instagram picture. The lighting is great, your outfit is on point, and you’re ready to send it out into the digital world.

But now, you’re facing the age-old question: “What do I put as the caption?”

I’ve been stuck in this predicament one too many times. There’s nothing more frustrating, or nerve-wracking, when it comes to social media than finding the perfect words to go along with your pic.

Thanks to this post, however, the next time you create a killer Instagram photo, you won’t be stuck brainstorming a caption!

Keep reading to find out which of Harry Styles’ “Fine Line” album lyrics need to be your next Instagram caption.

35 Instagram Captions From Harry Styles' "Fine Line" Album

1. “We’ll be alright.” – Fine Line

2. “Sky never looked so blue.” – Canyon Moon

3. “Find a place to feel good.” – Treat People With Kindness

4. “Strawberry lipstick state of mind.” – Adore You

5. “I’ve got your face hung up high in my gallery.” – Sunflower, Vol. 6

6. “It sounds just like a song.” – Watermelon Sugar

7. “Want you more than a melody.” – Sunflower, Vol. 6

8. “You’re so golden.” – Golden

Fake Instagram Photo Captioned With Lyrics To Harry Styles's Song "Golden"
Image Credit: Dominic Sansotta on Unsplash

9. “An old lover’s hippie music.” – Canyon Moon

10. “Brown my skin just right.” – Golden

11. “That summer feelin’.” – Watermelon Sugar

12. “She lives in daydreams with me.” – She

13. “The coffee’s out at the Beachwood Cafe.” – Falling

14. “Feelin’ good in my skin.” – Treat People With Kindness

Fake Instagram Photo With Lyrics of Harry Styles's Song "Treat People With Kindness"
Image Credits: Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash

15. “Do you know who you are?” – Lights Up

16. “I miss the shape of your lips.” – To Be So Lonely

17. “Kiss in the kitchen like it’s a dancefloor.” – Sunflower, Vol. 6

18. “You sunshine, you temptress.” – Fine Line

19. “I’m going home.” – Canyon Moon

20. “I’m falling again.” – Falling

21. “My hand’s at risk, I fold.” – Fine Line.

22. “There’s a piece of you in how I dress.” – Cherry

Fake Instagram Post with Lyrics to Harry Styles's Song "Cherry"
Image Credit: Canva

23. “You can’t blame me, darling.” – To Be So Lonely

24. “Wait for me in the sky.” – Golden

25. “Treat people with kindness.” – Treat People With Kindness

26. “Step into the light.” – Lights Up

27. “Baby, you’re the end of June.” – Watermelon Sugar

28. “Walk in your rainbow paradise.” – Adore You

Fake Instagram Photo with Lyrics to Harry Styles's Song "Adore You"
Image Credit: Canva

29. “Don’t you call him baby.” – Cherry

30. “Lately, you’ve been on my mind.” – Adore You

31. “There’s things that we’ll never know.” – Fine Line

32. “So pretend.” – She

33. “Strawberries on a summer evenin’.” – Watermlon Sugar

34. “Lovin’ you’s the antidote.” – Golden

35. “You’re wonder under summer sky.” – Adore You

Feature Image: Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash 


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