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book review policy

Book Review Policy

So, you’re interested in having me review your book.

First of all, thank you so much! I greatly appreciate your consideration.

As a full-time freelance writer with multiple commitments outside of my blog, I don’t have time to read every book that comes through my inbox. If I ever encounter a genie, it will definitely be among my three wishes!

That being said, I do have to be quite picky about which books I consider and decide to review and review.

I am currently CLOSED to review requests.

Table of Contents


While I appreciate you sending me a request to review a book, please do take the time to look over my review policy before sending me a message. This just makes the process a lot easier on me and you!

When I am open to accepting review requests, I will take into consideration the following:

  • Age Groups: 
    • Adult,
    • Young Adult, and
    • New Adult
  • Genres:
    • Historical Fiction, 
    • Contemporary Fiction, and
    • Fantasy
    • NOTE: I will also consider some Contemporary Romance, however I’m quite picky about this!
  • Formats: 
    • Physical copy (paperback or hardcover) sent via mail
    • E-book/digital copies that are compatible with Kindle
  • In addition, anything on my Goodreads TBR is fair game
    • You can locate that here
Unfortunately, if I feel that a book doesn’t reflect the interests of myself and/or my audience, I won’t be able to review it at this time. While I appreciate your consideration, I am committed to authenticity and will only review books that I feel are best suited for my platform.

Regrettably, I cannot accept the following:

  • Horror/thriller
  • Political novels
  • Memoir/nonfiction

Review Disclaimer

Writing Style

We’re all friends here. That’s why I write all my reviews in a very casual, friendly manner. I prefer to write in a way that gives my readers the feeling that we’re having a chat between friends. 

Typically, I will quickly summarize the plot of the novel and then categorize my thoughts into paragraphs. My book reviews are roughly between 800 to 1,000 words in length. The reviews are always formatted for SEO using the Yoast plugin.


I write honest reviews which may sometimes result in a negative review. I cannot guarantee that I will provide a positive review in exchange for a review.

If your book and I don’t vibe, I will explain why in an honest and respectful way. I will never review in a way that is demeaning, offensive, or disrespectful to the author. 

Regardless, I always discuss all aspects of the book in a fair and conscientious way.


My current posting schedule is as follows:

  • Mondays
  • Fridays
  • The occasional Wednesday

My book review will be posted within this schedule, depending on my own content calendar.

If the book is an ARC, I will do my very best to publish the review on the publication date or on the nearest date that fits into my posting schedule.

If a situation arises where two or more ARCs are published on the same day, the reviews will be spread out on separate days within the week of publication.

If you have any additional questions or would like to contact me about a review request, please feel free to reach out! You can find all my information at my Contact Page


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