7 Instagram Accounts Every Disney Fan Should Follow in 2022

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle

If you haven’t already guessed it, I love Disney World.

I’ve always been a big Disney fan and I’ve been going to the parks ever since I was a little kid. As an adult, my trips have become fewer and further between. Due to my day job, budgeting, and the global pandemic, I haven’t been to the parks since 2019.

When I’m not in the parks and I’m looking for a bit of magic, I always head to Instagram to find the online Disney community. There, you can always find Disney influencers that are ready to share their love for the Mouse online.

Disney influencers are typically Walt Disney park locals who live in Orlando, FL or Anaheim, CA and frequently visit the parks (but this isn’t always the case!).They have a deep love for the parks and are devoted to showing their love in unique and interesting ways in little squares on their feed.

There are a lot of Disney influencers out there these days. But these 7 Instagrammers are my personal favourites that I think you need to be following in 2022!

7 Instagram Accounts Every Disney Fan Should Follow in 2022

1. Carlye Wisel (@carlyewisel)

If you’re looking for an account that offers honest reviews of Disney parks news as well as a feed full of VIBES, then you gotta check out Carlye Wisel. Carlye is a theme parks journalist and podcaster who reports on the ongoing of the Disney parks.

However, I’d be totally remiss if I didn’t mention her Instagram account which is chockful of her adventures through the parks as well as exciting news (and delicious Disney parks eats!)

After a few minutes of scrolling through Carlye’s feed, you’re bound to be dreaming about switching career paths and becoming a theme park reporter. I know that I always do!

2. Chelsea Watson (@styledbymagic)

Like a mom, I refuse to play favourites among Disney Instagrammers… However, I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a special something about Chelsea’s account.

Chelsea Watson is a twentysomething full-time Disney influencer. Her feed shows off her colourful and enviable personal style, which is often inspired by her favourite Disney films, TV shows, and characters. Her feed is full of beautiful photos throughout the Disney parks on both coasts that will give you major FOMO.

More recently, Chelsea has delved into more lifestyle content as well. You can find her posting about mental health, Taylor Swift, home decorating, and her adorable pup, Pascal.

3. AJ Wolfe (@disneyfoodblog)

If you’re a Disney fan and a foodie, you have gotta check out Disney Food Blog. AJ Wolfe is a mom and Disney lover who started blogging about her park food obsession back in 2009. Since then, she’s created a loyal fanbase of Disney foodies.

Her feed is full of mouth-watering pics of snacks and meals that you can find throughout Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks and hotels. If you’re planning a trip to Disney—or even just daydreaming about your next getaway!—Disney Food Blog is your one-stop-spot for all the deets on where to eat on your next vacay. 

Outside of Instagram, you can also find Disney Food Blog on YouTube, where they post multiple in-depth and entertaining videos per week. And of course, the O.G. blog is still going strong and provides super helpful articles as well as their famous guides on all things Disney food.

4. The Lost Bros (@thelostbros)

Sure, Disney often pulls out all the stops with their extensive range of park merchandise. But if you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary, The Lost Bros are totally your go-to.

The Lost Bros are made up of Cody, Lex and Cam. They create theme park and pop culture t-shirts that are perfect for your next Disney vacation. Their Instagram is a mix of their super cool attire and park content. They know exactly what Disney content you love—even the most obscure stuff—and they’re always adding to their shop so that you can find something you love.

After you’ve spent hours browsing their Insta feed, make sure to check out their shop here!

5. Carrie Hayward (@disneywedcast)

Have you ever seen a Disney wedding before? One look at Carrie Hayward’s page is gonna make you wish that you were getting married on Main Street, U.S.A.!

I found Carrie Hayward when I was planning my own Disney wedding (RIP to the Disney wedding dream). After her own Disney wedding, she realized that it was difficult for the dreaming bride to find info about wedding planning at the parks. So she took it upon herself to create a Fairytale Wedding guide with alllll the info you’d need to start planning your wedding. And best of all, she updates it every year!

Carrie’s feed is full of beautiful Disney wedding inspiration that will have you pricing out your dream wedding (spoiler alert: it’s not cheap, lol). She also has a Disney wedding podcast where she talks about all the things Disney has to offer for your big day.

6. Jen & Scott (@happiestvlogs)

Want to have your heart warmed by a Disney lovin’ family? Then, Jen and Scott’s page is definitely for you.

Jen and Scott, known as The Happiest Vlogs on Earth are Disney Vacation Club members who frequently visit the parks with their daughter, Gia. Inspired by her own childhood Disney trips and home videos, Jen wanted to chronicle her own trips the same way. 

Their Youtube videos show their many trips to the parks before and after having Gia, including their own Disney World wedding in 2016!

7. Allyson (@magicandwishes)

To end this post, I HAVE to talk about Allyson. Allyson’s sunshine personality comes through in each and every one of her posts. As a local, she is frequently dipping into the parks and sharing her bubbly personality along the way. 

Her “#TakeMyMoneyTuesday” series is a fun way to show off some of the recent additions to Disney’s park merchandise, and it always has me adding stuff to my mental shopping cart for my next trip. Oh, and it has to be said that the content with her mum is TOP. FREAKING. NOTCH.

If you need a bit of warmth and colour to your Instagram timeline, you should 100% be checking out Allyson and her wonderful spirit (as well as beautiful style!)

Do you have a Disney influencer that you love to see on your feed? Let me know in the comments below!

If you’re looking for more of my Disney content, head here to check it out.


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