25 Random Facts About Me


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a pretty nosy person.

Not in a bad way. But whenever I come across a blogger I love, the first thing I do is poke around their content to find out more about them. 

The Internet can be a pretty impersonal place sometimes. I find that I connect so much better with people online when I know a bit about them personally.

Since I get such a kick out of these sorts of posts, I thought it was only fair to do one of my own—to introduce you to the gal behind the screen!

Without further ado, here are 25 random facts about me!

25 Random Facts About Me

1. Guest is my partner’s last name! My maiden name is Tarantino. And no… I’m not related to Quentin Tarantino (that I know of).

2. I love my dog more than anything in this world. Her name’s Leia and she’s a 9 lb Havanese with a heart of gold.

Havanese dog

3. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

4. I have a passion for all things style. As a kid, my parents kept me dressed to the nines and it just stuck!

5. I’m engaged to my high school sweetheart. We’re getting married in 2023, after ten years of dating!

6. My Big Three placements are Leo Sun, Leo Moon, and Aquarius Rising.

7. My favourite season is Autumn. I’m an apple crisp, chunky boots, campfire, crunchy leaves kinda gal.

8. I’m a die-hard Swiftie. In 2021, I was in her top 0.1% of Spotify listeners. My top 3 albums are Evermore, Reputation, and Red.

9. My partner and I have a super similar love story to my parents. Seriously, it’s spooky how many similarities there are.

Felicia's Parents
My super cool parents in the 80s

10. I drive a 2017 Kia Soul. (Yes, you read that right… you can pry my Kia Soul from my cold, dead hands) I named her Maggie, after the indomitable Maggie Smith.

11. I’m a Disney adult. But like, in a cool way. My favourite park is Epcot because of the beautiful theming and AMAZING food & drinks.

12. My favourite place I’ve ever travelled to is Paris, France. I believe that in another life, I was a Parisian.

Paris France
Are you happy to be in Paris... Oui

13. My go-to cocktail is vodka cranberry.

14. My favourite flowers are tulips. It’s my dream to visit the Netherlands during tulip season!

15. My partner and I already have baby names picked out, even though we don’t plan on starting a family until our 30s.

16. When I started university, I majored in Social Work. I wanted to work in high schools as a social worker.

17. My celebrity crush is Harry Styles. My love for him began in 2011 and there’s no end in sight.

Harry Styles One Direction Concert
The last One Direction concert I attended in 2014

18. My comfort TV shows are New Girl, The Office, and Schitt’s Creek.

19. If I had to get rid of all my social media apps, I’d miss Pinterest and TikTok the most.

20. If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is buy a big house on a piece of land and decorate it to my heart’s content.

21. I’ve been writing fiction since I was a kid. My first novel involved Laura Ingalls Wilder and a time machine.

22. I took French almost all the way through school. In Ontario, it’s only mandatory to grade 9, but I continued to grade 11. I nearly got my Certificate of Achievement in Core French, but my high school cancelled our grade 12 course.

23. I grew up in one of the biggest cities in Canada and always dreamed that I’d move to Toronto. Turns out, I ended up moving to a town with 10k people and I’ve never been happier.

24. I never remember the plots to books. Even my favourite ones.

25. It took me 5 years to graduate from university because I took a gap year after my first year to figure out my future.

I hope you enjoyed reading these 25 random facts just as much as I enjoyed writing them! xo

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