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Happy New Year’s! We’ve made it through another year.

I’ve been enjoying the liminal space between Christmas and New Year’s Eve by sitting in my living room and contemplating my existence—just as the holidays were meant to be celebrated.

If I had to describe 2022, I’d compare it to that one scene in Titanic where the band plays music as the ship nose-dives into the Atlantic. And you’re like, “how the hell can these guys be so calm while the ship is literally sinking?”

Maybe I’m being a tad cynical. In my defence, the last two years have felt like the moments that lead to the plots of many beloved 2010s dystopian YA novels.

Putting all the doom and gloom aside, 2022 was not all bad! And New Year’s is a great opportunity to look back and reflect on the year that has passed.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Sunset over a country road

1. "I got my driver's license last week..."

Move over, Olivia Rodrigo. 2022 was the year of the driver’s license—at least, it was for me.

After six long years, I finally got my full license. Here in Ontario, Canada, we have a graduated license system with 3 levels.

Because of the pandemic, I had a super hard time booking my final driving test. And even when I did get an appointment, they kept getting cancelled due to weather or lockdowns.

In March 2022, I finally did my road test and walked away with my license. In a snowstorm, of all things. At least it’s over!

My wedding dress shopping day at Crème Couture (Guelph, ON)!

2. I said "yes" to the dress

In a perfect example of kismet, I fell in love with the very first wedding dress I tried on. After spending months worried I wouldn’t be able to make a decision when it came time, it was actually shockingly easy.

I tried on somewhere in the neighbourhood of a dozen dresses, but there was no denying that there was an obvious favourite for me, my group, and even the consultant. If you’re interested in reading about my wedding dress shopping experience, make sure to read my recap post here

COVID antigen test

3. I got COVID

Does it not feel a little embarrassing to get COVID two years after the pandemic started? It did for me. This was, unfortunately, not my first brush with the virus. I was one of the unlucky people who almost-definitely had COVID when no one knew what it was in early 2020 and have had lingering health problems ever since.

So you can imagine I was pretty peeved when I got sick again at the beginning of 2022. Luckily, I had relatively minimal symptoms although I had symptoms for about a month. MAJOR bummer. Would not recommend.

Computer monitor on a grey desk

4. I started a new job

One thing that was a major goal for me in 2022 was to advance in my career and find a new job. I did some freelancing, took some online courses, and did a ton of research at the start of the year. Then I started the job hunt—which, unfortunately, was not a blast.

That being said, it was all worth it because I landed a new job! After a year and a half in a customer service role, I was able to land a job that better used my skills in marketing and honestly it’s been the highlight of the year.

Silver Macbook on a grey table beside an aloe vera plant

5. book blogging's back, baby!

In late 2021, I quietly closed up shop on my book blog, The Bookish Brunette. I started the blog in early 2018, in the middle of a temporary leave from university. What started as a small creative project became a massive undertaking with millions of views.

Ultimately, I felt like I outgrew the blog. I wanted to write about topics that didn’t fit the niche and Squarespace prices were astronomical. After a year, however, I missed it. So I incorporated book blogging into Felicia Guest Writes and it’s been one of the best things to come out of 2022.

6. I was diagnosed with ADHD

Getting diagnosed with ADHD at 24 years old was really a bittersweet moment for me. On the one hand, it’s been difficult to learn how to reframe my worldview and reconcile the fact that I experience life differently than the people around me. But it was also extremely validating to understand why I’ve struggled for so long.

All in all, I’m looking forward to the year ahead—a very exciting one, at that. Have a great weekend celebrating, stay safe, and I’ll catch you on the flipside.


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